What Works

So we are here towards the end of the season, We are lucky in a way as we have a Greenhouse, so we are able to prepare veggies a bit earlier than usual.

We have had some good and interesting times finding what does and doesnt grow, or difficult to grow in Woodend.

What grows well outside.

Capsicum,  potatoes,  Brocolli, Mint,  lettuce,  Kohl Rabi, Raspberries, Strawberries, peas, Asparagus, Onions, and Garlic.

What we were disappointed with.

Cabbage, Corn, French Beans,  We are going to try these again next year but in a different way.


Our Tomatoes and Basil grew really well, but we wont be growing the mini tomatoes next year as we had more fruit off the normal tomatoes from one plant than we did from 4 mini tomato plants. Although saying that we have a stray mini tomato plant outside our back door (Chickens??) and it seems t have quite a lot of fruit on it.


Pepino, inside the greenhouse and outside, sunflowers, Rhubarb and carrots.

we are going to try a number of different variety of carrots next year and see if we can get a suitable carrot, when we do I will publish the name of it.

Growing now (Autumn/Winter 2014)

Beetroot (doing well) peas, Khol Rabi, Brocolli, lettuce, Turnips, Onions, Garlic, more Asparagus, Sorrel, Broad Beans (fava/faba)


You may have already had success compared to our failures, but this is a starting place, would love to hear of your experience.




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