For local weather conditions, please click on the link below

although you may not get the exact weather at this time, you will certainly get an history of weather in Woodend. you may find this helpful when working our the first and last frosts for your garden.

For all your Mt Macedon Ranges (and Woodend) weather forecasts and history visit our weather page by clicking on the picture below.

or visit our weather station thats Live

the address is

you can also view this live on a weather underground app

on either iphone and Android. what better way to stay in touch with your own live weather reporting system.

This weather is taken from our own personal weather station.

here is the details.

Lat: S 37 ° 23 ‘ 4 ” ( -37.384 ° )
Lon: E 144 ° 31 ‘ 30 ” ( 144.525 ° )
Elevation (ft): 2037
Hardware: Oregon WMR200
Online weather station using Weather Underground, just click on the icon below.



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