The Dam

Dam plants

Our dam is very short of plants, Decided to get in touch with landcare Woodend and Peter was very kind on giving us some advice in what fauna to plant around our dam, and these are:
1. For the slope down into the dam and even where the plants will be slightly under water at times:

Carex appressa – Tall sedge    1 metre
Callistemon sieberii – River Bottlebrush     2 metres
Leptospermum continentale – Prickly Tea-tree    3 metres
Leptosp[ermum lanigerum – Wooly Tea-tree    3 metres


2. For the top of the banks and the outer slopes which are drier:

Poa labillardieri – Tussock Grass    1 metre
Lomandra longifolia – Spiny-headed mat-rush   1 metre
Dianella tasmanica – Tasman flax-lily    1 metre
Bursaria spinosa – Sweet Bursaria    over 3 metres
Acacia verticilllata – Prickly Moses wattle    2 metres
Goodenia ovata – Hop Goodenia    2 metres
Correa reflexa – Common Correa   2 metres


We have already made a start planting some of these, the idea was to attract more birds and frogs to the dam.



We have rescued frogs from our pool and from the Greenhouse and found one in a bucket of water.


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