We have had a lot of problems with white cabbage butterflies this year, so I ordered some Neem oil and made up a solution with water to spray on the veggies, the Neem doesnt directly kill the Cabbage Butterflies but when the grubs eat the leave they stop eating and they die and because Bees dont eat the veggies they are not affected, although I was told to cut out some white butterfly shapes from some plastic and put them on a stick, the Cabbage butterflies are territorial and so hence dont hang around, so I will be trying this next year.



I really dislike these are its a constant job going around the block and nipping these in the bud before they get too big, I dislike using chemicals, but I used a strong roundup type herbicide, I had to spray them around 6 times and then used the bush cutter to cut them down to the ground. there was plenty of them in the Orchard area. Alas I do not have a before and after picture, yes you can get fruit off them but so can the birds and they spread them all over the place, in Victoria they are an invasive species.

This is what they probably looked like when I started cutting them out.



Boneseed was introduced to Australia as an ornamental garden plant from the mid-nineteenth century, with examples first recorded in gardens in Sydney in 1852 and Melbourne in 1858. It is thought that Boneseed had become naturalised in Australia, with self-sustaining populations, from around 1910. Bitou Bush arrived slightly later in around 1908, most likely in the ballast of a South African ship docked off New South Wales. Thereafter both subspecies were planted extensively to stabilise coastal sand dunes and control erosion, particularly from the mid-1940s to the 1960s, with Boneseed more commonly planted in Victoria.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you identify the plant.

boneseed4-seedling   Boneseed2

The plant has very shallow roots and even when the plant grows to 1m it is still very easy to pull out.  A single plant can produce up to 50,000 seeds and they can lay wait for germinate for around 10 years. if you happen to come across this invasive weed, then please pull it out of the ground.


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