Local Wildlife

Woodend Wildlife

June 2015

We have had a visit from 5 Yellow tailed cockatoos again this year.

The wildlife in Woodend is great and abundant, everything from unusual frogs, birds, to Kangaroos and other Australia Fauna and Flora.


We had a visitor last summer ( Feb 2013) and here he is.


A yellow tailed Cockatoo, they were a pair of them.

they hung around for a couple of days.

Quite often we have these little fellows hanging around.


Kookaburra back for the winter.


27TH Oct 2013

At around 7pm we seen this beautiful specimen of a “Caper White” butterfly.


Photographed Woodend, Mt Macedon, Victoria.

Its a migratory Butterfly and the caterpillar feeds from off the Caper Tree or native orange tree.  Every few years, a huge migration of these butterflies will occur in late spring to early summer. Their breeding areas are distributed from the northern Flinders Ranges to western New South Wales, through western Queensland and along the Queensland coast.

When its populations suffer an explosion, the butterflies head off in a southerly migration, reaching the southern portions of South Australia and Victoria, with some stragglers reaching Tasmania on occasions. The butterflies then fly northward again, the total migration travelling several thousand kilometres.

This butterfly is called the “Caper White” generally seen in large number in Adelaide,


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