Fruit Trees


We have both a lemon tree and orange tree and sadly neither of these have produced any fruit for us. Although I am led to believe you may have more success if you have a brick wall you can place them against.

List of fruit trees that are well established.

Plum? (didn’t fruit, but flowered well)

Golden Delicious, Some nice fruit off this, but the Cockatoos got most of it.

cross Plum tree?

another tree? (didn’t fruit) not sure what this is yet, although we think it may be an apple tree. We had cut this back quite hard the previous winter.

Mandarin Tree, although growing well and flowering hasn’t bared fruit yet.

Trees we just planted, bare rooted.

Jonathon Gold

Olive Tree

Granny Smith

Cherry Tree

Peach Tree (We don’t hold much hope of this fruiting.)

Shinseiki  Tree Apple-pear tree.

Quince, growing well but no fruit as yet.

We already had a Orchard with around 8 fruit trees, only one of the fruit trees actually bared fruit, The others were either  too old or were overcome with blight. We have now removed 2 of the trees and have planted the following: Plum Tree, Jonagold apple tree, granny smith apple tree, cherry tree, peach tree and a Shinseiki I have now planted these at the end of June 2013. We also planted a mandarin tree last year, although due to it being cold it didn’t bear any fruit, (it didn’t bear any fruit in Melbourne either) BUT it is growing and showing new leaves and flowers, and the frost doesn’t seem to have had any effect on the Mandarin tree.  I really don’t think we have enough bees around our area, so I have made a concentrated effort in planting more bee attracting flowers this year including plenty of lavender bushes. I am also thinking of placing a Beehive in the orchard, but a little more research needed before I  go into this too much.

Bordeaux Mixture

To help reduce the blight, I am going to make up a mixture of Bordoux which is classed as organic. I think you are only allowed to use 10kg per hectare of land

This is the copper spray used to prevent fungal disease of fruit trees and also blight in potatoes.  It must be used fresh.

  • Dissolve 50 gm of copper sulphate (bluestone) in 2.5 Ltr of water overnight.
  • Mix 70 gm of slaked lime in 2.5 Lts of water
  • add the copper sulphate solution to the Lime
  • Stir vigorously and use straight away.
  • Agitate during use. (it will separate if you don’t keep sloshing it about)
  • I bought 3kg of each from off ebay,
  • cost for both products was around $40.00 incl postage.
  • Spray on the leaf buds as soon as they start showing.

Make sure you use safety equipment before you mess with chemicals, wear gloves, good clothing to cover your body and gloves, When mixing the Bordeaux mixture only use plastic containers, NOT STEEL OR OTHER METAL.


October 2013

Our (old original) apple trees are growing heaps of flowers this year and I really surprised as I severely cut back the branches until the trees were around 7th high. I will end up taking off some of the apples and only allowing around 4 per branch so that they grow larger, I am also going to cover them with some fruit tree mesh.


3 Responses to Fruit Trees

  1. PaulaD says:

    Hi! I’ve just discovered your blog and think you’ve done a great job of informing newbies what works, and your challenges. Planning the MOVE to Woodend, date yet unknown. In the meantime, plenty of research into what the weather does and what plantings work. I’m interested in your opinion about citrus. I’m told it’s too cold for lemons. Is this true? Good luck with your winter veggies!

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