Home made stuff


I have made a few veggie boxes out of Apple Crates, you can buy these apple crates from Bacchus Marsh, they cost around $50/$70 each.

You remove the base off the bottom of the crate, (you can keep the pallet to make a compost bin.) you then cut the apple crate in half, if they are gaps between the planks, infill on the inside with scrap wood and use as a raised veggie garden. the size of the crate is 1.2m x 1.2m by around 900mm high. you will get 2 veggie beds out of the one crate.

I would recommend you go for a crate that has 4 layers of timber. (easier to split in half)


You will need a ute/trailor to transport it.

you can also leave the crates at full height.

If you work out what the wood/screws would cost  from a hardware store, you will find this idea very affordable indeed.


Wood Shed

I spent a couple of days building a tool shed for the Veggie patch.

I begged and borrowed what I could. you need the following.

4 x 2.4m high cedar 100x100mm posts, 4 old doors the same size, 20 x 150mm treated pine pailings, screws, and approx 4 x 2.4m long 90x45mm timber. 4 bags concrete. 1.2m x 1.2m plywood flooring. hooks and other fittings hinges/lock.

Cedar posts are good as they are naturally insect repellent.

fix your posts into the ground and concrete them in, you need to have the posts level and at a distance between then the width of your doors. when set cut some of your 90/45 timber in half, run them down the back and sides of your posts, fix 3 of the doors with screws to the back and sides of your shed. hang the 4th door with hinges, make a frame for your roof or for simplicity just have the front higher than the back, cut your palings down to size and screw to your roof, we did a gable roof and using silicone to seal the top ridge. Make a frame to fixing your floor making sure its level and fix the floor, you could also use decking.

To come is a picture of our shed, the windows we bought off ebay for $40.00, the doors we got for free but only 2 doors, the sides we used the palings to cover. Decorate your shed as you want. The cost of this shed was less than $240.00 and it has more than enough room to store our veggie garden tools.


Our Pump House

Just have a look at what ideas we have had, who knows it may give you some inspiration.

I made this little house  from offcuts last year

the house covers our petrol pump that supplies

the water to the greenhouse.


A table made from a tree stump.


The table in the foreground was made simply by placing a piece of rounded cut timber placed on top of an old tree stump, I then stained the table. Cost $0.00

Veggie Planters

For our Veggies we looked at planter boxes and these ranged from $100 to more than $200

I made these veggie planters from buying an old galvanised water tank from off ebay, I then cut it in half using an angle grinder and ended up with 2 veggie planters that would retail new at about $200 each.

Around the top of the planter would be sharp after cutting with a grinder, but this can be fixed by cutting the length of a water hose and the silicone glue it on. Cost for these was approximately $40.00 a tank, $20.00 each planter, although I did have to pick them up and you may need a trailer.

We have since bought another 2 water tanks and cut these down to another 4 planters.

we will have to make some more and we plan to make the veggie garden bigger.

Our Dam chair (or as our girls like to call it “our Harry Potter chair.”

I mostly made this chair from old tree branches from around the property, although it did cost me for some concrete and to make the seat and table.

the cost for this was around $80.00 and 2 days work.


I have since added some netting onto the back and growing some creepers and vines

and a foot rest/stand at the front as we were a little high off the ground.

Veggie Bath

There was a old bath in one of the paddocks, which I assume the old owner has used for drinking water for horses, we brought the bath down to near the back door and planted a range of herbs in it.


cost for this $0.00

New Wood shed

On and off it took me a good week to make our new split log timber shed, to keep costs down I used new fencing timber, for the posts I used pine fence posts (bugs don’t like pine much) and for the sides I used fence plinth board, I bought some old galvanised roofing sheets off ebay for $120.00 and the timber was around $400 plus $30.00 of concrete. total cost for our 2.4m x 3m wood shed $550.00


Kids Old Bike

This was one of the kids old bikes and instead of chucking it out we have made a feature of it down near the dam.

Again, apart from the plants, which were a couple of dollars from a nursery, the cost for the bike was zero.


Our Ladder arbours

We looked at buying a arbour but they wanted around $300 for lightweight steel, although looked okay, but didn’t feel as they would last.

I bought a couple of old wooden ladders off ebay (again) cut them up and the below picture (to come) is what I ended up with, gave it a coat of baby blue paint.

total cost  for both arbours $80.00

we have also planted some flowering Jasmine climbers at the base of them.


Here is the other Arbour

arbour 3

Veggie Garden Gate

I spent a couple of hour knocking together a gate for our veggie garden, it was quite simple to make, I measured the gate gap, deducted 40mm off the measurement and cut the timber to suit, The branches are just lying around the block. It took me a couple of hours and I had to buy some hardware, some screws 75mm long, a gate hook and hinges  total cost was only $40.00


Garden Steps.

The slope up to our wood shed was quite slippery and  muddy,  So I made these steps, it did take me (on and off) around a week to make, but it would have taken around one and a half days from start to finish none stop. they were not difficult to do I just had to be extra careful as I have a pipe that connects our water tanks together under the steps. the cost of the materials was $360.00 these included 8 x 200 x 50 x 2400mm boards, (used these for the steps)  fence posts 3 x 75 x 125mm (used for the supports) 8 x 1m Rio steel rods and 64 x 10 x 125mm stainless steel screw bolts.

I wont recount how I did the steps as you can see the basics in this video, why re invent the wheel?

The rods were driven through a holes drilled into the (fence post) supports and into the ground, this gives good stability.

here is my finished project.


I am going to finish the steps off by cutting and screwing some timber to the fronts.

The steps have been stained, but look a bit dirty after the recent rain.

Wombat Willy

I made this Wombat artwork from a log round using a chainsaw and have placed it into our Veggie garden.

wally the wombat


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