New to Woodend

Woodend is located at the foot of the beautiful Mt Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. I have decided to start this blog because although beautiful, Woodend throws its own challenges in regards to growing plants and vegetables, Not only is Woodend  cold and wet in the winter but also hot and dry in the summer. We are new to planting in Woodend and it is  basically a effort of trial and error, we have 5 acres and not only are we wanting to grow plants in the garden and around the dam, we also want to grow our own veggies. I know there is plenty of advice with regards to planting veggies BUT its just not the same because of the conditions, higher rainfall, colder days etc.  I am sure many new comers (like us) to Woodend have come across exactly the same problems, so I would encourage all of you to share your experiences with the rest of us. We do have a greenhouse so we can get a head start.

I have now placed links under the picture above, just click to read the articles.

Go ahead and explore, you never know you may find something that inspires you.

It even snows in Woodend, here is a recent video, although the snow didnt settle.



Feb 2017

Bruce Sprinsteen just finished a concert at Hanging Rock a couple of days ago and by all accounts a really good concert, this is the second time he has played at Hanging Rock, about a week earlier Ed Sheeran also did a small private Gig at the Rock as well.




Late July 2014

I havent been able to do much in the veggie garden on account of the weather.  The veggies seems to be doing ok, the beetroot and turnips are growing well as is the broccoli, this year we have planted some Italian broccoli and the heads are just starting to show and the elephant garlic is coming along nicely as is the beans.


Autumn/Winter 2014

I have added 2 new projects to the DIY page. I have since found a cheaper way of making your raised veggie garden beds and I also made a tools shed from mainly scrap wood and doors. Have a look at our DIY page.




July 31st 2013
I have a weather station set up in my yard, click on the following link
to view the latest weather in Woodend.

July 28th 2013

I have made a couple of changes to the site, I have now placed the Greenhouse under the Veggie section, this will give me a bit more room for the weather. I bought a weather station an Oregon WMR 200A and will be either setting up a Local Woodend weather page or at the very least a link to a weather page that will be updated in real time. I think it will take me a week or so to set up, although the weather station is already set up and logging information now.

For the latest Woodend weather go to the Woodend Weather page (not up yet) the page will also give you a weather prediction.

Please dont rely on my weather station being a professional set up it is far from it my any means. but if you just want to have a bit of fun seeing various weather events then by all means have a peek.


We bought three chicken, a speckled Sussex, a standard Sussex and a leghorn, their names are Apple Bloom, Sweety Belle and Scoodaloo, hey it wasnt me that picked the names but our daughters. They love scratching around the back yard and teasing the dog. I fitted a door to the chicken house that automatically opens at dusk and closes at dawn, The chicken house was originally a bird Avery of which we cleaned out and then fitted an old dog kennel so that we could collect the eggs quite easily. Its the last week in June and the Chickens have stopped laying which I think is because of the shorter days. We bought the girls in school holidays in April 2013 and about weeks later they started laying, they were averaging 2 eggs a day before the winter lull, we intend to add another Chicken  during the Summer Holidays in January to help keep up with egg production, with the 5 of us living here the 2 eggs a day have been ample.


Its now midway through July and our chickens have now started to lay again, so they have basically have had a month off.

Sadly in in Oct 2013 2 of our chicken got eaten by a fox. We have since got replacements for them.


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If you are looking for something for the kids to do in the holidays


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